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We provide Augmented Reality based solutions and services that leverage Vuzix Smart Glasses and several 3rd party apps. With the Covid-19 pandemic resulting in travel restrictions world over, the remote support has become a key requirement across industries. Our Remote Diagnostics Solution is useful in several areas such as below

Field Services

In case of machine failure, the OEM experts need not travel to the site. They can remotely view the machine condition, guide the site engineer and reduce machine downtime.

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Construction & Commissioning

Project delays can be significantly reduced by efficient collaboration amongst multiple stakeholders. Use advanced video conferencing features of our solution. Executive reviews can be conducted online.

Virtual Audits & Safety Inspections

Pharmaceutical industry requires audits to be performed regularly. Now, auditors can remotely audit the facilities.
Drone-based Safety Inspections can benefit from smart glasses.

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On The Job Training

Scan QR code on critical equipment and provide valuable information (last serviced, due date for service, KPIs, etc). Wear M400 device and watch locally stored videos to perform a new task more efficiently. View such training content by accessing it from a shared server as well.


Expert doctors can remotely view patient condition and guide nurse / paramedic in an ambulance. Students can remotely watch live surgery and learn. Expert surgeons can be invited for remote guidance during the course of a surgery.

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Lab teachers wear smart glasses and conduct experiments. This gives a first-hand virtual experience to the online students.

Other Use Cases

Access Shared Server

While working on shop-floor, use the Browser app on the smart glass to open the shared server intranet site and access necessary documents.

Automate Procedures

Automate Procedures such as Operator Rounds, Safety/ Startup/ Shutdown Procedures, Cleaning Procedures, etc.

Access Process Data

See the real-time data or trends from plant historians on the smart glasses.

Integrate with ERP

Download, View, Execute and Update workorders and thus avoid manual entries. Improve productivity.

Warehouse Logistics

Improve the picking and fulfilment process efficiency with hands-free operations.

Threat Detection

Threat detection using facial recognition, Object Recognition apps.